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The Stampede Round-Up is an event staple during the Calgary Stampede, made possible by the The Rotary Club of Calgary and their production partners. This outdoor charity event of roughly 18,000 attendees brings big talent and big dollars for The Rotary Club of Calgary to invest back into our city.


Attracting guests from far and wide to the Round-Up during the Calgary Stampede, we all benefit from showing off the best of Calgary and keeping it in its best form. Set in the beautiful and historic Fort Calgary, the event organizers wished to balance respecting this meaningful space, and hosting a memorable event.

Towards Zero Waste

Green Event Services worked with the event organizers to bring waste diversion best practices to the Round-Up, keeping the site’s cleanliness top of mind. While everyone looks forward to Rotary’s annual BBQ with their famous Beef-on-a-bun dinner with campfire beans, coleslaw and fruit salad, we look forward to the compostable foodware they are served on! Even if the food doesn’t make it to someone’s belly, it is not wasted, but transformed into compost instead.