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Recognizing the innovative food culture that exists in our city, YYCFoodTrucks organized in an effort to bring street food culture to Calgary. Through the offer of high quality, locally made, delicious food, YYCFoodTrucks helps to bring people together in many beautiful parts of our city, building community starting with our stomachs.


Innovating a program to facilitate the growth of street food culture, YYCFoodTruck’s success rides on their ability to welcome their guests into a new experience of eating, and relating it to public space. The public space lacked waste collection infrastructure. We saw that we could play a role in educating food vendors in compostable food ware, guests in what goes where, and return the space to the public at its end with our staff.

Towards Zero Waste

With the continued collaboration, and best waste reduction practices in place like reducing packaging, using compostable foodware, and encouraging guests to be involved in our zero waste mission, we consistently see mind-blowing waste diversion rates from YYCFoodTruck events! Our benchmark was a 99.7 % diversion rate – that is less than one bag of trash. You better believe it!