circle the wagons calgary waste diversion green event services
Circle the Wagons is a travelling food, beer and music carnival – a unique festival in its enthusiasm and inclusion. Led by the BassBus team, this event stays true to its roots and dedication to the mindful expansion of art and community.


Circle the Wagons sets up each year in a different community space, bringing with it over 3500 guests, food trucks, stages, carnival acts, and even goats. Being a socially responsible group, Green Event Services was engaged to ensure the event also met its environmental responsibility.

Towards Zero Waste

Circle the Wagons success rests on their ability to create a space for people to gather, connect and have fun. While the festival is busy innovating creative entertainment, Green Event Services is able to innovate waste reduction and engagement to complement the main attractions. We were able to achieve 100 per cent waste diversion. This successful mission towards zero waste would not have been possible collaboration between the event organizers, Green Event Services waste reduction plan, and the participation of guests.