Green Event Services

Let's Work Towards Zero Waste

Waste Reduction Consulting

We work with you, the event organizer, to customize a waste management program to meet your needs and to suit your budget. Working with you during the event planning process enables us to help identify further opportunities to reduce waste. Once we’re involved, you can cross “waste management” off of your to-do list.

Waste Reduction Equipment

We provide you with professional, interactive waste recycling stations. We work with you to build a combination of collection bins to meet the waste stream demands of your event. We also take care of material collection, hauling and disposal to ensure everything goes to the appropriate facilities.

Waste Reduction Staffing

We are a passionate team devoted to waste reduction and a high level of service. You can rest assured that all waste recycling stations will be maintained, waste will be sorted, and your space will be kept clean. You will have the added benefit of our on-site educators to empower your guests with waste reduction knowledge and to ensure event waste ends up in the right place. 

compost green event services calgary
kgs of compost diverted
bottles and cans recycling green event services calgary
kgs of bottles & cans diverted
mixed recycling green event services calgary
kg of mixed recycling diverted
trash can waste collection equipment green event services calgary
% total waste diversion!
Why Go Green?

Green Event Services provides high value waste management services. We empower your event to waste less and show your guests that you are taking responsibility for the impact of your event on the community. For you, this means a clean, low waste event site with recovered valuable resources, like refundables, a positive guest experience, and a lingering awesome feeling.

waste sorting staff green events services calgary
Our Work

“One of the best decisions we made was to select the services of Green Events. Their crew is professional, courteous and incredibly efficient. Their staff is so discreet you never really notice that your area is being constantly maintained you just notice that it was as clean and tidy as when the event first started.”

Sheryl Wade Pattison Outdoor

“Green Event Services were amazing to work with and definitely exceeded our expectations! We are looking forward to working with you again this summer!”

Caitlin Boyle 51 North Productions

“We have had the pleasure of working with Green Event services at dozens of events around Calgary in the last few years! Each event is handled with professionalism and care. It is great to see such a committed group keeping our community clean! Thanks for making sure so many events in YYC stay green!”

Molly McChesney Village Brewery