With our event waste management services, your event has the opportunity to make a positive environmental impact.

Allow us to provide you our event waste management services, from start to finish. We provide waste reduction consulting, waste reduction equipment and waste reduction staffing pre, during and post event. We haul collected waste from your event and ensure a spotless event site. We also follow-up to let you know how much waste you helped divert from the landfill.

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Waste Reduction Consulting

Our collaborative approach allows us to understand your needs well before your event. Working with you during the event planning process enables us to help identify further opportunities to reduce waste. Once we’re involved, you can cross “waste management” off of your to-do list.

We also believe there is no one-size fits all approach to waste reduction. We tailor our services to your event, and your desired experience. We present you with a waste reduction strategy that is relevant to you and suits your budget.

Waste Reduction Equipment

We provide you with professional, interactive waste recycling stations. We work with you to build a combination of collection bins to meet the waste stream demands of your event. We also take care of material collection, hauling and disposal to ensure everything goes to the appropriate facilities.

Our specialized waste collection equipment is proven to increase the recovery of non waste materials and provide a highly visual and positive interaction for event attendees. Green Event Services positively encourages attendees to not litter and to place waste in the waste reduction stations, leaving you with a clean site when its all said and done.

Waste Reduction Staffing

We are a passionate team devoted to waste reduction and a high level of service. You can rest assured that all waste recycling stations will be maintained, waste will be sorted, and your space will be kept clean. You will have the added benefit of our on-site educators to empower your guests with waste reduction knowledge and to ensure event waste ends up in the right place.

Green Event Services staff are paid a living wage, are WCB insured, and are trained to the high standards of the Event Safety Alliance. Our staff are passionate about creating a better future and dedicated to work hard to help make your event successful, clean and environmentally responsible.