marda gras calgary waste diversion green event servicesMarda Gras is a family-friendly New Orleans themed festival organized by the Marda Loop BRZ attracting over 35,000 visitors from all over Calgary, bringing us together through the common thread of celebration. The streets of the Marda Loop community come alive with purple, green, and gold pageantry, cultural performers, dance groups, musicians, outdoor activities, and a variety of cuisine.


Marda Gras takes to the streets, encouraging guests to play, shop, eat and to be entertained outdoors. While Marda Gras is covered on the cultural side, Green Event Services saw that we could really take the celebration from start to finish by handling the waste collection and reduction from set-up to take-down on the environmental side. We developed a waste diversion plan to unify the cultural and environmental aspects of a themed street festival.

Towards Zero Waste

Each year, Green Event Services works with the event organizers to ensure waste reduction best practices. Guests are invited to participate in reducing their waste, and often come to expect that the appropriate receptacles will be provided. With our infrastructure in place, we diverted over 50 per cent of collected waste from the landfill.