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The City of Calgary’s Canada Day celebrations take place throughout downtown, on Prince’s Island, along the riverfront, in East Village, Chinatown, Eau Claire Market, Fort Calgary, and Olympic Plaza. It’s one great day full of festivities for all Calgarians!


Expecting at least 250,000 people in attendance across eight different sites across downtown in celebration of Canada Day, the event organizers were challenged with hosting a downtown-wide street festival without negatively impacting our parks, pathways and public spaces.

Towards Zero Waste

Green Event Services provided the waste reduction equipment to collect waste at each event site, and the people-power to manage the stations, and the in between in order to reduce waste to our landfills, and maintain clean public spaces. Canada Day 2016 expanded in size over Canada Day 2015, despite the challenge our Green Team recuperated 6,000 kgs of material.